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Increasing regulation combined with decreasing insurance benefits means it is more critical than ever to have our experts on your team. Our staff regularly receives ongoing training keeping up with industry changes and assuring that accounts are effectively collected. New clients often tell us they wish they had hired MMSS years ago.

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"Medical Management Support Services offers personalized service with large scale operation capabilities. I upload the codes and the money gets deposited into my account, for the most part it is that simple. I would recommend them to practices of any size. Whenever I have a coding question, be it for a procedure,  diagnosis, office supply use, or workman?s comp related, I get a same day response, and they are always there when I make a phone call. Very reliable and provide easy to read monthly reports to verify that nothing is missed."  - Oleg I Reznik MD – Primary Care


 “Medical Management Support Services has been our billing service for more than ten years. They came highly recommended, and they have exceeded our expectations time and time again. They work closely with our accountant, helping to manage the business side of our practice. Our questions are answered quickly and in terms that a non-CPA can understand. Their service is so comprehensive for our small group that we do not even have an office manager. Most importantly, their integrity is impeccable. Obviously, I would recommend Medical Management Support Services to any physician who wants to concentrate on medicine and not the finances of a practice.” - Patricia Jett MD - Neonatologist


 “MMSS allows us the freedom and piece of mind to work on program and physician development rather than spending additional time on coding, billing and collections.  Having the experts handling this piece gives us a sense of security and satisfaction knowing the work is being done in a way that we would want to have it done.  They are professional, accurate, timely and offer great service.  Any medical practice or program where focus and energy is on development should consider joining MMSS.”  Nancy Roberts - Director of Physician Services PMMC


“The benefits to me of working with MMSS have been immeasurable. They were able to guide me step by step in setting up my solo practice and have consistently provided me with thoroughness, timely reports and helpful advice - including keeping up to date with new regulations and coding changes.  Even though my practice was anticipated to be small because I had cut back to a part time practice, they were not hesitant at all to work with me and provide me their best service.  Chris Woody always responds promptly to my questions and follows through with issues discussed. The staff at MMSS are courteous, supportive and responsive in all of their communications with me.” - Cornelia Byers MD – Rehabilitation


 “Medical Management Support Services (MMSS) has been the billing and bookkeeping service for Ashland Pediatrics since 1999.  After becoming independent of Medford Clinic, we were not prepared to bring billing in-house, and the fact that they provide bookkeeping services has been helpful as far as payroll processing and preparation of financial data for our CPA.  One area in which they have been particularly helpful is in working with us to establish a business budget to project income and expenses for our corporate year. Their analysis of charges, services, reimbursements and expenditures has allowed us to create a framework that has worked well in allowing us to monitor our bottom line.”  - John Englehardt – Administrator, Ashland Pediatrics PC.


 “I am new to this area and MMSS has helped ease my transition into my new job.  They are easy to contact and helped answer all of my questions.  They even researched and coordinated with my bank to help set up options that fit my needs.  I look forward to working with them in the future.” - Jackie Wilk – Neonatologist


“We joined MMSS with my office in the fall of 2006, with billing done in my office, but collections at subsistence levels only. Our billing/AR program had been orphaned (By our software provider), and was largely unsuccessful, despite long hours by my biller.

At the recommendation of a fellow solo Family Medicine provider in Grants Pass, we signed on, and saw billing increase by about 75%, just less than double the months before. Collections increased as a percentage of charges, so our actual collections doubled within 6 months.

At the request of Chris Woody that MMSS become "more than a billing service", we requested and received reports to optimize our performance, such as:

  •     Collections per hour of work

  •     Advantage/disadvantage of in-house phlebotomy

  •     Immediate instructions on vaccination billing

  •     Fluctuations in cash receipts (? employee misbehavior) 

  •     EHR solutions, interfaced with billings

  •     Optimized hospital charge codes

  •     Advice regarding conversion rate adjustments

Most billing or account questions are answered with a single short phone call to someone at Medical Management. Harder questions may take a day. We no longer worry about Medicare billing, primary/secondary coverage.

We have hired a consultant from another billing/management service to look over our books and billing/rec't records. He found our numbers to be good enough that he actually recommended that we would not benefit by switching to another company.”  - Steven Foutz MD – Family Practice  

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