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Increasing regulation combined with decreasing insurance benefits means it is more critical than ever to have our experts on your team. Our staff regularly receives ongoing training keeping up with industry changes and assuring that accounts are effectively collected. New clients often tell us they wish they had hired MMSS years ago.

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  1. What is included in your services?
  2. Why does MMSS say that they only succeed when their clients succeed?
  3. How does MMSS keep up to date with regulatory changes and industry trends?
  4. How quickly can we begin working with MMSS?
  5. How do you receive information from my practice?
  6. Is MMSS a Collection Agency?


What is included in your services?

Joining MMSS means that we handle your claims from start to finish and much more. This includes claim submission (both electronically and paper if necessary), pursuit of unpaid claims, appeal of denied claims, submission of patient statements and other methods of contacting patients to effectively collect patient debt. You will receive monthly reports showing practice performance, our performance, and trends. We also provide access to your data and other tools which are useful in contacting patients for maintaining and increasing your patient base. All of this is included in one fee we have never charged for custom report or request. We succeed when our clients succeed.

Why does MMSS say that you only succeed when your clients succeed?

Since we are paid on a percentage of receipts there is no benefit to clients receiving any less than what they are due. If there are areas that we can help a practice to succeed, we jump in. Whether it involves working to educate your staff, implementing cash controls in your office, or assisting with coding we are interested making our clients successful which in turn increases our ability to collect. All of our relationships are mutually beneficial and that includes our clients, their patients, and our staff.

How does MMSS keep up to date with regulatory changes and industry trends?

We maintain memberships to both the Healthcare Billing and Management Association (HBMA) and the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). We regularly attend conferences for HBMA and Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) and share information with our staff and clients. Also, since all of our staff are focused on handling accounts receivable we regularly review training, attend seminars, and review current items affecting claim processing. We are able to keep up with the constant changes only by creating an environment of continuous learning and investing in being up to date and connected to the Healthcare Industry.

How quickly can we begin working with MMSS?

Depending on your situation and volume we can begin submitting claims as soon as approval has been completed to submit claims electronically. This process can take as quickly as 2 days for commercial claims. If we will be completing enrollment/updates for Medicare and Medicaid this process will be handled as quickly as possible but will depend largely on how quickly carriers approve for claims submission. If your practice is currently submitting claims there will not be a cash flow issue while we transition to receiving payment at our office. Our team will insure that the needs specific to your practice are addressed.

How do you receive information from my practice?

We receive information in many ways. This can be directly from software that we provide or information can be securely uploaded, faxed, or picked up by courier. We have many options for submitting information quickly and securely to our office for management. If you can provide patient demographics and encounter information we can receive it.

Is MMSS a collection agency?

We are not a collection agency. We recommend the use of a separate, unrelated agency, and we will provide suggestions for excellent collection agencies. Some billing services provide both billing and collections and it has always been our view that offering both would be a conflict of interest. We value the agencies that we work with, but we want to leave as little as possible being turned over for them to pursue.





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